Lab Mission

The C.A.R.E.S. Lab is focused on improving research in the social sciences, with a particular emphasis on issues in education. This improvement can come from achieving any of the following goals:

1. Developing robust, interpretable, and accessible statistical methodology motivated by analytic challenges found in these fields.

2. Increasing the quality and accessibility of statistical (primarily causal) methods by:
    a. Adapting methodologies from one space to another
    b. Evaluating how methodology works in specific contexts or for specific problems of practice, and
    c. Demonstrating how to use methodology by using it to solve identified problems of research

3. Enhancing the training of researchers in these contexts.

4. Fostering an open and collaborative community between researchers of different disciplines.

Our collective research targets (1) and (2).  Our blog targets (2) and (3). Our lab meetings and paper reading groups target (3) and (4), while generating material for furthering (1) and (2).

We also strive to be anti-racist in our actions by promoting a vibrant and welcoming research community and looking for opportunities to investigate and dismantle systemic racism both internally and externally. As part of this we have an ongoing anti-racism and quantatative research reading group that is open to all; contact us if you wish to join.

Information for prospective (and current) students: